Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

Recently, a crisis of emerging antibiotic resistance gets more attention in the news. And it’s about time: the threat is more serious than diseases like swine flu or Ebola and could be deadlier than anything we’ve seen before (although, we have seen it before…).

Without antibiotics – or without the healing power of antibiotics – you, yes you, will die. Bam! Scary stuff, huh? Even the most common infections like pneumonia or urinary tract infections can not be treated without antibiotics, and you, yes you, will suffer.
Luckily, we still have antibiotics that work. But if we don’t use them properly, bacteria will learn how to defend themselves and will become resistant to all the drugs we have. 

We might get our crisis and experience life without them.

In the coming weeks I will post three articles on Antibiotics and the Resistance Crisis. In the first article I will explain the basics of Antibiotic warfare. The next will go into the details of the battle, in the third and last one is about the emerging crisis of antibiotics resistance. Have fun!


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